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Best Neck Massager

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Are your neck and shoulders always sore? Does raising your shoulders causes a pain that doesn’t go away no matter what medication you take? A neck massage can help. In today’s lifestyle, you are always at the risk of straining your muscles - maybe it’s because of staring too much on your laptop, or watching a movie in an awkward position only to realise the stiffness hours later. While a neck massage from a therapist is good occasionally, one can not avail these services always due to time and money.

One of the coolest innovations of today that solves this problem is a neck massager. It is an electronic / manual device that can be used to relieve pain and discomfort in the neck & shoulders. In this review we will show you the best neck massager available on the market. Using any of these products can give you amazing results in countering neck pain.

1. Zyllion ZMA13BK Shiatsu Neck Massager

Frankly, the #1 product on our list deserves to be there. You can use it at your home, car or office. It has a pillow design that contains four shiatsu massage balls that can be put directly behind your neck or shoulder or strapped to your chair. It’s lightweight and its ergonomic design adjusts itself to the contour of your body. There is an overheat protection device that maintains the optimum heat so that you always feel comfortable. What’s more? They offer a 90 day money back guarantee! Definitely the best neck and shoulder massager out there, second only to a real therapist!

2. Shiatsu Back, Neck & Foot Massager

Talk about versatility and you can not find a massager that justifies the word more than this product. Not only can you target your back, neck and shoulders, it also works on your feet due to its multi position capacity. You can not use it on batteries though, so that limits the places where you can enjoy its benefits. It has to be plugged into a power source. Enjoy your neck rubs, anytime you want!

3. New Five Star FS8801 Neck & Back Massager


What makes this kneading massager great is that it comes with 8 kneading rollers that can change the massage direction with a single button push. It gives you all the standard features you look for in the best neck and shoulder massager and comes with a 3 year factory warranty. There’s also a 30 day refund policy if you don’t like the product. But the lack of reused sale items available on amazon indicates customers don’t like to part with this product.

4. Nekteck Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massager

If you have never taken a deep massage or don’t like it, then avoid this product. This massager is built to provide you with a deep massage that can be painful to first time users. However, for those who like it, it’s just like getting it from a real person. If you have tight shoulders, it can work wonders for you.

Make sure you know that this is an intense massager not a relaxing one before you buy this product.

5. Brookstone Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

If you’re suffering from pain in hard to reach spots, this is the perfect massager for you. Unlike the Nektech, the Brookstone massager is very relaxing and gentle. If you want more pressure, you can pull it down manually. Great product that’s worth every penny you spend on it!


When it comes to neck and shoulder pain you must never ignore it. The more you do, the more it increases. Visiting a therapist is not always possible due to busy lifestyle, but anyone can take out 5 minutes and let the best neck and shoulder massager work its magic, whether they are at home or at work. Your body needs your attention. It always tells you when it’s in discomfort. Listen to it. If you have any signs of neck or shoulder pain, pick the best neck massager from our list, and get rid of it, now!

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